Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nokia E71 is better or E63?

According to me Nokia E71 is better for some special reasons that I am going to note down,

Nokia E71
  1. Nokia E71 is 2008's World Magazine's Best of Test.
  2. The general performance of this website is improved.
  3. WLAN enhancements are included which is needed highly.
  4. Mail exchanging sytem is very much liked by me.
  5. And the Nokia Messaging Center is also developed nicely.
  6. It is a steel bodied phone.
Nokia E63
  1. Nokia E63 has a plastic body which do not shine.
  2. The keys are easier to click.
  3. THe price is little bit low.
  4. Nokia E63 cannot support well when it falls down.
This way judging different aspects I think Nokia E71 is better. Though the price is little bit higher, but yet is is nice to me! And I have bought one also. Unfortunately, the price has lessened now and it came from BDT.27,000 to BDT.22,500 !!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yahoo or Google!

It is a very simple question. Everybody knows that it has no definite answer. Some will like Yahoo and some will like Google. But if anyone one ask me, "Shafin, which one do you like?"

I may say both Google & Yahoo! Because we all know both has many special features which are very unique than any others public websites on this eternet ever seen!

So first I talk about Google.
  1. It is really a very fantastic website or search engine which has magic.
  2. I have mentioned magic because it can work really faster than the lightning.
  3. The search engine of Googe takes very short time to crawl through new websites & blogs.
  4. Google's designs seems very professional to me.
  5. Google's Privacy Statement seems very honest.
  6. GMAIL uses AJAX which helps to load pages faster (it just only loads the parts of a page as needed but never loads the full page by this way GMAIL works faster than any email service on this earth!).
  7. Google's products work really problem-free!
  8. Google's images always fulfills the necessity.
  9. Google enables earning opportunity through (Adsense) throughout the world!
  10. Google has a free Blogging sector, which I am using!
  11. Google includes all kinds of questions, answers, discussions in their search engine.
  12. Google's Translator is used in thousands of websites!
  13. Google's Site Search product is really praiseworthy which also helps to earn!
  14. Google Adword fulfill the requirements of advertising very nicely where the price is also near cheap!
  15. Google's API sector is very nice and good for webmasters.
  16. GMAIL never steals our information.
These are some of the common informations about Google. Now we will learn something about Yahoo! And then atlast we will just to the comparing sector. Understand?
  1. Yahoo is very colorful and alive!
  2. Yahoo is really dynamic.
  3. It has many services of its own.
  4. Yahoo! Answers is the best discussion forum ever created on this earth.
  5. Its Dating Sector is nice though it is not free.
  6. It has its own Travelling Sector.
  7. It has strict Privacy Policy and it never steals informations.
  8. Sometimes it seems to be greedy for money!
  9. It has hot news which appears in the Homepage!
  10. Yahoo! Mail has 3 domains ( , ,
  11. Yahoo's price are not so cheap at all.
  12. Yahoo gives extra protection for children while searching web, images or using emails etc.
These are some of the special features which Yahoo! itself owns. Actually it is very difficult to tell anyone bad and anyone good, but as in this modern world we can express our opinions freely, I will choose Google first, but Yahoo is always the second!

Book or Blog!

Obviously I will tell you to read Blogs if I think about myself and for the publicity of my blog but the readers are now very wise! They understand everything! They always understand which is good and which is bad...but for mentioning some special features I am writing this post for you, Insha Allah you will enjoy!

  1. Books are always our dear friends.
  2. When we are in a Train, shall we anyone of us open our Laptop and start reading a blog? Never, we just like to open a nice book and start reading!
  3. Book is very nice & it never harms our eyes! We may read our books for hours and hours but nothing will happen!
  4. We can read books anywhere, anytime and anyway.
  5. Reading Books can be done sitting, standing or sleeping or when doing toilet!
  6. We can know about many Authors get an idea more precisely about his writings that we get from a Blog!
  7. Books are cheap.
  8. Books takes small area than Laptops take.
  9. Authors can write books without having Computer Skills.
  10. The readers of a book will be able to cry by reading sad stories can laugh reading comics!
  11. Books can touch our heart. It can go through our emotions.....
  1. Blogs are very modern technology which is easy to update any moment.
  2. Blogs are easy to write and publish faster.
  3. The earning opportunity is more by blogging than writing books (most cases)!
  4. Blog's readers can be counted easily.
  5. Direct comments are easy to get from Blogs.
  6. Blogging is good for students which do not need much literature, rather basic information about the topic is enough.
  7. Blogs can be published free!
  8. Bloggers can join in many forums and exchange their skills and literature more easily than the authors can do.
  9. While writing books, there is some hand pains if it is written by a pen, it does not problem wile blogging!
  10. Blogging is very
  11. Their is no problems if bloggers fail to grab fame because it is easy to start again!
So these were some of the characteristics of both Blogs and Books.
Now, if anyone ask me to know my opinion, as a reader I shall say a book, but as a writer i shall say blog. Is this post nice to you?

Bangladeshi students are able to earn online or not?

I am very angry on them who cries loudly saying that, 'Why I have born in Bangladesh....I cannot earn online!' But I will say that Bangladeshis have great opportunity to earn online. In this post I will write you how to, I will make you understand, and I will not let you to go anywhere out of my post until the Bangladeshis start to earn!

You need to always remember, when a very liberal company like Google exist in this world, who stops us earning except Allah? Thinking about the online employment opportunity of Bangladeshi people, Google has expanded its Adsense Boundary to the developing country like Bangladesh!

So friends, we know come into the Main Point.
  1. You need to just have a GMAIL account.
  2. Then you should enter
  3. Then you will click 'Sign Up'.
  4. Then you will sign up there giving your desired name of your blog; like ( ) {Always remember the name should match with your blog topic.}
  5. After this you need to choose a good topic for writing, a topic about which you will be able to write minimum 100 pages. But never forget to see the Google Adsense Policy, which you will be able to find by searching in Google. And if you are yet unable to setup your mind about a Topic, then see the topics I suggest you to write about. This post written by me is available in this blog naming (
  6. Then you start posting for six months. You need to write posts daily even one. But never copy it from others, then Google will rank you very low and you will never get Adsense approval!
  7. We know that 1 month has 30 days to 6 months have 6x30=180 Days. Therefore in 6 months you have already 180 posts.
  8. You go to Google and search "Add my url to google" then you will follow the first result and add your site to Google.
  9. Join social networking sites like Facebook and discussion forums related to your topics, and advertise your site as a viewer or seer not as a creator. You will write there that you have seen a blog naming (give the name of your blog) which is very good.....
  10. Search Google by 'Free Traffic Counter for my Blogger'. Then you will click a result Google provides and then work accordingly.
  11. Start analyzing how much audience or traffic you are getting daily.
  12. Now you apply for Google Adsense. ( or by misiting the Monetize Tab in your blogger!
  13. Insha Allah you will get approval now. Then you insert your ads in your blog.
  14. After that you will start looking the Adsense policy which is never neglibile.
Yet if your earning and audience do not increase, you start rechecking your posts, correct spelling mistakes, add new information, edit the former ones, correct gramatical mistakes.
Then you may need to invest some money for advertising with Google Adwords or other sites.

Hope you found it useful!

CD or DVD?

If you are in a situation like me that you have a big movie and you cannot understand you will burn 2 CDs or 1 DVD, in natural sense we all will say DVD for the following reason,


  1. Has a huge space.
  2. Is very long-lasting.
  3. Thousands of songs, mp4's mp3's can be inserted here...


But, yet many players cannot support the DVD format. For example, your computer can support you car cannot support. In this case, what you will do? For this reason, I will support CD. And another reason behind it is that, I live in Bangladesh and our country is not yet so much developed in technology, and for this reason using CD is better for me.

This post actually do not contain mass information like the other posts I have written for you...but yet it is very important for some people who cannot decide where to write his movie, film, songs etc.

Please leave a comment.

Why This Blog Created?

Today is the world of competition. And one peson or one company always try to compete with others. But maximum of us are users of the company's products. And the main goal of the companies are to make their products lovely to us. And they always try to attract us. It maybe a lotion company like Johnson's Baby Lotion, it may be a website like MyPage5.
But the problem is here. We, the customers or users many times cannot understand which product is better, which seems to be comfortable., which is cheap but good etc.

This blog is created only for describing about any of two products. Make one good and make one bad by describing their characteristics.

For good example, we can use Google & Yahoo! Which one is better? Some may say that the Homepage of Yahoo is nice with pictures, and some may say that the HomePage of Google is more professional which loads fast with vast searched information...

Therefore, we will always try our best to make comparing posts more and more about anything which may be a book, a blog, a lotion, a car, a PPC, a company, a famous man, a movie, a song etc.

We shall never focus on a special subject rather we will describe comparing information of anything that exist in this earth, by which you will get many many interesting things here.

We have also enabled a Chat Forum, by which our readers will be able to exchange opinions among them too!