Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book or Blog!

Obviously I will tell you to read Blogs if I think about myself and for the publicity of my blog but the readers are now very wise! They understand everything! They always understand which is good and which is bad...but for mentioning some special features I am writing this post for you, Insha Allah you will enjoy!

  1. Books are always our dear friends.
  2. When we are in a Train, shall we anyone of us open our Laptop and start reading a blog? Never, we just like to open a nice book and start reading!
  3. Book is very nice & it never harms our eyes! We may read our books for hours and hours but nothing will happen!
  4. We can read books anywhere, anytime and anyway.
  5. Reading Books can be done sitting, standing or sleeping or when doing toilet!
  6. We can know about many Authors get an idea more precisely about his writings that we get from a Blog!
  7. Books are cheap.
  8. Books takes small area than Laptops take.
  9. Authors can write books without having Computer Skills.
  10. The readers of a book will be able to cry by reading sad stories can laugh reading comics!
  11. Books can touch our heart. It can go through our emotions.....
  1. Blogs are very modern technology which is easy to update any moment.
  2. Blogs are easy to write and publish faster.
  3. The earning opportunity is more by blogging than writing books (most cases)!
  4. Blog's readers can be counted easily.
  5. Direct comments are easy to get from Blogs.
  6. Blogging is good for students which do not need much literature, rather basic information about the topic is enough.
  7. Blogs can be published free!
  8. Bloggers can join in many forums and exchange their skills and literature more easily than the authors can do.
  9. While writing books, there is some hand pains if it is written by a pen, it does not problem wile blogging!
  10. Blogging is very
  11. Their is no problems if bloggers fail to grab fame because it is easy to start again!
So these were some of the characteristics of both Blogs and Books.
Now, if anyone ask me to know my opinion, as a reader I shall say a book, but as a writer i shall say blog. Is this post nice to you?

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