Saturday, May 15, 2010

CD or DVD?

If you are in a situation like me that you have a big movie and you cannot understand you will burn 2 CDs or 1 DVD, in natural sense we all will say DVD for the following reason,


  1. Has a huge space.
  2. Is very long-lasting.
  3. Thousands of songs, mp4's mp3's can be inserted here...


But, yet many players cannot support the DVD format. For example, your computer can support you car cannot support. In this case, what you will do? For this reason, I will support CD. And another reason behind it is that, I live in Bangladesh and our country is not yet so much developed in technology, and for this reason using CD is better for me.

This post actually do not contain mass information like the other posts I have written for you...but yet it is very important for some people who cannot decide where to write his movie, film, songs etc.

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