Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nokia E71 is better or E63?

According to me Nokia E71 is better for some special reasons that I am going to note down,

Nokia E71
  1. Nokia E71 is 2008's World Magazine's Best of Test.
  2. The general performance of this website is improved.
  3. WLAN enhancements are included which is needed highly.
  4. Mail exchanging sytem is very much liked by me.
  5. And the Nokia Messaging Center is also developed nicely.
  6. It is a steel bodied phone.
Nokia E63
  1. Nokia E63 has a plastic body which do not shine.
  2. The keys are easier to click.
  3. THe price is little bit low.
  4. Nokia E63 cannot support well when it falls down.
This way judging different aspects I think Nokia E71 is better. Though the price is little bit higher, but yet is is nice to me! And I have bought one also. Unfortunately, the price has lessened now and it came from BDT.27,000 to BDT.22,500 !!

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