Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yahoo or Google!

It is a very simple question. Everybody knows that it has no definite answer. Some will like Yahoo and some will like Google. But if anyone one ask me, "Shafin, which one do you like?"

I may say both Google & Yahoo! Because we all know both has many special features which are very unique than any others public websites on this eternet ever seen!

So first I talk about Google.
  1. It is really a very fantastic website or search engine which has magic.
  2. I have mentioned magic because it can work really faster than the lightning.
  3. The search engine of Googe takes very short time to crawl through new websites & blogs.
  4. Google's designs seems very professional to me.
  5. Google's Privacy Statement seems very honest.
  6. GMAIL uses AJAX which helps to load pages faster (it just only loads the parts of a page as needed but never loads the full page by this way GMAIL works faster than any email service on this earth!).
  7. Google's products work really problem-free!
  8. Google's images always fulfills the necessity.
  9. Google enables earning opportunity through (Adsense) throughout the world!
  10. Google has a free Blogging sector, which I am using!
  11. Google includes all kinds of questions, answers, discussions in their search engine.
  12. Google's Translator is used in thousands of websites!
  13. Google's Site Search product is really praiseworthy which also helps to earn!
  14. Google Adword fulfill the requirements of advertising very nicely where the price is also near cheap!
  15. Google's API sector is very nice and good for webmasters.
  16. GMAIL never steals our information.
These are some of the common informations about Google. Now we will learn something about Yahoo! And then atlast we will just to the comparing sector. Understand?
  1. Yahoo is very colorful and alive!
  2. Yahoo is really dynamic.
  3. It has many services of its own.
  4. Yahoo! Answers is the best discussion forum ever created on this earth.
  5. Its Dating Sector is nice though it is not free.
  6. It has its own Travelling Sector.
  7. It has strict Privacy Policy and it never steals informations.
  8. Sometimes it seems to be greedy for money!
  9. It has hot news which appears in the Homepage!
  10. Yahoo! Mail has 3 domains ( , ,
  11. Yahoo's price are not so cheap at all.
  12. Yahoo gives extra protection for children while searching web, images or using emails etc.
These are some of the special features which Yahoo! itself owns. Actually it is very difficult to tell anyone bad and anyone good, but as in this modern world we can express our opinions freely, I will choose Google first, but Yahoo is always the second!

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