Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why This Blog Created?

Today is the world of competition. And one peson or one company always try to compete with others. But maximum of us are users of the company's products. And the main goal of the companies are to make their products lovely to us. And they always try to attract us. It maybe a lotion company like Johnson's Baby Lotion, it may be a website like MyPage5.
But the problem is here. We, the customers or users many times cannot understand which product is better, which seems to be comfortable., which is cheap but good etc.

This blog is created only for describing about any of two products. Make one good and make one bad by describing their characteristics.

For good example, we can use Google & Yahoo! Which one is better? Some may say that the Homepage of Yahoo is nice with pictures, and some may say that the HomePage of Google is more professional which loads fast with vast searched information...

Therefore, we will always try our best to make comparing posts more and more about anything which may be a book, a blog, a lotion, a car, a PPC, a company, a famous man, a movie, a song etc.

We shall never focus on a special subject rather we will describe comparing information of anything that exist in this earth, by which you will get many many interesting things here.

We have also enabled a Chat Forum, by which our readers will be able to exchange opinions among them too!

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